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About ImageJ2

ImageJ2 is a federally funded, multi-institution project to develop the next-generation version of ImageJ, an image processing program widely used for scientific research. We wish to strengthen both the ImageJ software itself and its community by pursuing a unified vision of ImageJ and associated community resources, including this website, code and plugin repositories, and user and developer documentation.

About ImageJ2

  • Aims – A summary of the ImageJ2 project aims
  • Collaborators – A list of people and institutions involved in the project
  • FAQ – Frequently asked questions about the project
  • Funding – How the project is funded
  • History – A timeline of ImageJ's development over the past decade
  • Proposal – The full text of the original ImageJ2 grant proposal
  • Rationale – Motivation behind the ImageJ2 effort

Site sections

  • Blog – Notes and updates from the developers
  • Community – Mailing lists and other resources for the ImageJ community
  • Design – Technical details on the ImageJ2 software design
  • Development – Information for programmers on developing ImageJ2
  • Downloads – Binary distributions of ImageJ2
  • Plugins – A list of plugins developed and/or maintained by the ImageJ2 project
  • Roadmap – The ImageJ2 project's current progress and future directions